BarroMetrics Views: Journaling and Trading Success II

Yesterday I introduced the idea that much of our action is governed by our ‘default futures’ which are in turn  created by our aversions and attachments.

In this blog, I examine aversions and attachments and explore how journaling helps identify.

My view of human nature  says our actions are mostly influenced by three main drivers:

  • our need for safety
  • our need for control
  • our need for approval and affection.

The drivers are reflected in the four main aversions and attachments:

  1. Pain and pleasure
  2. Shame and fame
  3. Loss and gain and
  4. Blame and praise

Remember that our ‘default futures’ are internalised, unconscious and automatic habitual responses which have served us well in the past; but which may not serve us now in all circumstances. The first step then is just to become aware of the habits.

Keeping a journal delivers this necessary outcome. By observing (just observing and nothing more), the divergence between a stated outcome and the results our behaviour brings, we raise our awareness from unconscious awareness to conscious awareness.

Once we become aware. we can start taking steps to correct the behaviour. The journal now serves as ‘gap-learning’ device. We try different ways to interrupt the pattern and the journal tracks the results of each attempt.  In this way, we can continually narrow the gap between our outcome and results of our actions until we attain the outcome we want.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Sept 8, I’ll consider the formats I use in my journaling.